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Treneice Collins Author of the Book My Mother's Heart:The Story of Brown Sugar

Meet The Author

Treneice is the middle child of seven siblings. She has often said that her compassion for others began in her home. Her Mother, Beverly, was a giver to anyone who needed it. Their home was often filled with strangers, whether it was a homeless family who needed shelter or a passerby in desperate need of something to eat, her Mother would lend her heart to all those in need. It was here that Treneice learnt the true value in having the courage to love those that need it the most.


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This book was written in honor of women, from teens to adulthood, who are dealing with life’s trials and are inspired to overcome with the help of a mother, or another strong figure in their life, who offers unwavering love and encouragement.
It is also written for those single parents who are faced with life’s difficulties, and yet are still able to teach their children valuable life lessons through words and deeds.


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